Maybe Lies Help: Questions For Boys Who Break Things and People

by pronounced "ahhh" like a sigh

.if you were offered  a candy coated
would you take it?
or would you ask for something
made of barbed wire
a poison apple, maybe
a death soaked kiss from a stranger
which one?
you who offers nothing
would you pull the wings off another butterfly?
hold an angel by the throat and dare it to scream?

who are you really?
do you know?
more than a heartless shell
a soulless mess
if the truth showed it’s face
would you recognize it?
would you lie to keep
it from revealing your secrets?
what of  those puzzle pieces hidden in
a chest of drawers behind your bed?

but really…
how many hearts?
how many women broken, a river of burgundy
cascading from their throats
how many second chances
third? fourth?
how many bodies buried under your
where is the glass crushed against your rib cage
the gust of wind and sand where your heart should be
where is this closet that holds your soul
slick wicked tongue
your integrity thin and translucent as parchment
do you know the world sees you through this bubble?
you’re only fooling yourself
this hill you stand on
elevated from the destruction you cause
trying to pretend yourself untouched
recreating truth to fit your needs
do you hold any regrets?
when everything you touch turn to soil
and tar

mark your words carefully
before you  offer another critique or comment
remember the truth reveals itself like
a serpent
like the spark of light before the fire
who will be the next to burn?

and when will it end?
when someone swallows a fistful of pills in your honor?
when there are actual corpses
with your name carved into their wrists?
when the bullet holds only two names?
will you feel it then?
will something then serve as spark to move
your sick spirit ?
would you even hear it if someone other than you cries,
hurts, aches, dies?

maybe lies help
maybe they serve as balm and lullaby
maybe one day you will find a reason to cry for
someone other than yourself.

until then, who will be next?