Random Thoughts By Bassey at 545AM

by pronounced "ahhh" like a sigh

1. The more I sleep, the more exhausted I get. #thismakessense Also, the more I smoke the smaller the philly gets. Naive Bassey thought he meant the actual city of Philly because he’s so big… you see. never mind.

2. I think seriously often of deleting Twitter. It doesn’t feel worth it sometimes. Made great friends but have run into way too much bullshit.

3. Maybe Johnny Gill really is straight? We don’t know his life.

4. He should let Justin Bieber remake My, My, My

5. And Lawrence Taylor remake Rub You The Right way.(you see what I did there?) *rimshot*

6. Hey diggy-diggy rimshot hey, c’mon…

7. Remember when you loved Erykah Badu and thought she was the realest… 1997 was awesome…

8. She broke Common. I don’t care if that’s anti-feminist to say because his freaky eyeball acting in Just Wright can be traced to the year he spent wearing crochet pants.

9. Why am I awake? Why is Boogie’s foot in my neck? Why is Boogie sleeping with me? Who can take the sunrise and sprinkle it with dew? I have questions!

10. I’m nervous about Saturday night.

11. Let’s pretend I’m talking about the Nikki Giovanni show.

12. I’m ashamed of the blog that’s up on TWIB. It should have been funnier and better written but he promised easy so I delivered easy. Next week will be better. I promise.

13. I wonder what Jermaine Jackson is thinking right now?

14. Probably nothing.

15. Or wondering where he left his hair molasses.

16. The last year has been difficult. I know you’re not supposed to have regrets but if I could go back and unmeet some people and remeet some others, I would be better off I think. I’m good now though. The power to ignore the folks that are useless to your life is peace making.

17. Actually, I’m great now. I’m proud of Basseyworld Live and what it’s shaping out to be. I’m nervous about Philly and really looking forward to New York and actualizing it’s full intended purpose.

18. This week has been about atoning, forgiveness, forgiving. Remembering that when you love someone, no matter how much you hate them, you still kinda love them. Agape. Not romantic. That ends but Agape love just keeps renewing itself.

19. I care entirely too much what other people think. Always afraid of hurting feelings or offending. There are people that I need to apologize to. They don’t even know me. Have never said a word to me but I’ve done something or said something else that was hurtful. Out of misinformation and jealousy. But apologies like that are weird.

20. So if you’re reading this and I’ve hurt or wronged you in anyway, I sincerely apologize. 2009 was a tough year and I promise you nothing like that has happened in 2010. I really do apologize.

21. If you’re reading this and you know good and damn well I never did anything to you but you know what you did and been doing and still doing, karma ain’t as cute as I am. And cuter than you think you are.

22. *Cue Alannis* I see right through ya…

23. I just had to get that off my chest.

24. Weird things have been happening the last few months and finally knowing the source makes me feel a lot better. Doesn’t change, fix or beautify the situations but it’s a start.

25. One day I’m going to watch Star Trek, Star Wars, The Godfather, The Matrix and Friday all in one sitting.

26. I will do this so people will stop saying, “ZOMGBBQ! You haven’t seen….”

27. Yeah, the fuck, no I haven’t. Leave me alone. Have you seen the original Parent Trap? Ok, then. You watch your movies and I will sit here being awesome.

28. I should stop these at 30.

29. Crap. I just wasted one… two. I just wasted two.

30. I miss my friend.