Poem: A Lesson In Forgetting

by pronounced "ahhh" like a sigh

This poem is a good 8 years old in it’s existence but this is a very new edit. Reflecting the changes I’ve been through the last few years and the place I current live. I hope it works. It’s for Nzinga mostly. But it’s also for me and you, if you need it.
Love someone. Continue to mean it.
a lesson in forgetting
(for Nzinga)


sit in the dark of remembrance
hold truth steely gripped
clenched in tender
battered fist

listen for heartbeat
rush of wind
hollow that signifies a final breath


goodbyes are never easy
especially if all you’ve
known is hello

ignore the whispering,
“this is all too familiar”
longing rarely takes new shapes
lonely follows the same rigid lines

paint your body with the same
regrets that coated you the last time

there will be music where you
loved last
humming in the wrinkled eve of sunset

go there when you need to dance

love with a new voice
grayed in husked walls
ripe naivete
bruised ache of experience


we are all nothing more than
a collection of yesterdays
rose colored snapshots
pleasant memories emptied into
“wish you were here” texts

somewhere you are an outdated email
a name deleted from a cell phone

somewhere your name makes a heart
skip a beat
somewhere a palm longs for the curve of your cheek
somewhere a facsimile of your scent makes a soul

but soon that same someone
will learn to breathe without you
will attach themselves to empty

take note of the echo
create your own hollow

forget how the voice soothed something
the humming
this recreation of magic
the movement the dance
the touch

miss them
release the wandering possibility of
hold only what is now
what is real

the thick of longing
shadowed in tangles
learn to quiet the
“i miss you. I’m sorry.
i love you.’
it’s just easier

sometimes easy
welcomes sleep more
quickly than brave
more steady than noble

we are nothing more than dusty poems
a collection of yesterdays
rose colored snapshots

we are trying desperately to forget
without being forgotten