Illadelph Bass-Life Day 2: It’s Hot as Balls In Here (And Other Things You Shouldn‘t Say Around Children)

by pronounced "ahhh" like a sigh

Yes. I did. In my defense, it was hot as balls in there. My classroom doesn’t have air conditioning. It has one fan in the corner encouraging the hot air entering from the windows. It is hot as balls. I’m teaching them about similes. You’re welcome!
Actually, I didn’t teach anybody anything today. I sat in my hot ass classroom for 7 hours and only one child came in… to ask me where room 408 is. Next door. Today was the first official day, it was a clusterfuck. I’m teaching at a summer enrichment program but the kids are essentially in summer school. So when they run out of time or are scheduled poorly, then the art classes take a backseat. So I didn’t do anything all day but sit in my class and update my Facebook statuses. I was so bored, I did math. Yes, I got up and I made up math problems and solved them. The classroom has pictures of important people in Black history on the wall. A drawing of their face, their name and then underneath, the year they were born and the year they died. So I created this elaborate solve for x formula. I will spare you the details but if you thought I was a weirdo nerd before well, now I‘m inventing word problems… By the way, if Mary Mcloud Bethune was alive today, she’d be 135. You’re welcome.
It was weird because I had all this time on my hands, I could have written, I could have read a book. I could have learned how to carry the 1 (I seriously can not remember. It was hilarious. Failing my own math problems.)  but because I kept expecting kids to come… any minute now… yup… just hold tight… they’ll be here any second… what’s that sound? Oh… kids walking past my door. *sigh* Seven hours of this. The principal called me to her office after the day was over to thank me for my patience and promised that things will be better tomorrow.
We’ll see. I can only complain so much because I’m getting paid a lot of money to write my name in bubble letters on a chalkboard. Tomorrow, if the same thing happens, there will be full out dance routines choreographed. Won’t catch me doing math again.
So not much happened today. I didn’t go to 30th Street Station. I just came straight to Chris and Frederic’s house.  I was exhausted and hot and hungry. I took the train back instead of the bus. And it reminded me of when I first moved to New York and I didn’t know how anything worked. I didn’t know how to come in, I didn’t know I needed change, it was a mess. A man took pity on me and handed me a token like, ‘Here… I can’t watch this anymore.”
I’m grateful that I had somewhere to come back to and shower and change into my pajamas (yes at 4 o’clock) and order food and fall into a couch. Chris and Frederic have extended themselves and welcomed me into their family. I’m so grateful. After yesterday’s revelations, I’m just blessed to have folks that still love me and my wonderful, beautiful, annoying ass flaws.
I’m a work in progress… a delightfully neurotic work in progress.
Today’s entry was boring, I know but I am really exhausted and not much happened. I didn’t feel like searching for a story. I want to own some of these things and figure out the parts I want to share.
I’m sure tomorrow will be chalk full of fuckery. So I’m going to appreciate the sheer exhilarating nothingness of today.
Chris and I are watching the BET Awards again. It’s much more fun this way.
PS. Arthur is totally my bestie. He kept coming in to check on me and ask if I wanted to hang out in his classroom with the air conditioning. I’m totally making him a friendship pin.
Edit: I have no idea why it’s not letting me have space between “paragraphs”. Oh WordPress, why you treat me so bad?