I need your help.

by pronounced "ahhh" like a sigh

My Huffington Post article was published yesterday and for some reason, I’ve been nervous/anxious/terrified since. It’s good nerves. I’m usually violently critical of my work and even though I’ve read this over a few times and saw about 30 things I should have added or edited out, I’m very proud of this article. I think it’s important. It was important for me to write but I think it was also important to add to the larger conversation.

I was tired of hearing these pundits and politicos speak about this issue without considering how difficult it is for those who live with illness and how unfair and ridiculous it is to have this conversation without adding those voices. Or even considering them. It’s like talking about how to move around furniture when we’re dealing with human beings who battle and struggle to live like “normally” on a day to day basis. I use the term “normal” just to illustrate that waking up, remembering to eat, going to work, sleeping peacefully are all “Normal” activities that those who live with an illness can not take for granted.

This article is very important to me and to millions of people who face this. I never ask you to do this but I am asking now, if you can please, share this article. Email it to friends and strangers alike, Retweet it, repost it on facebook and the link to your blogs and tumblrs. Encourage people to like the article on Facebook and leave comments AT the source. I appreciate the comments on facebook and twitter, please don’t get me wrong, but they have to see it in order to believe that it’s worth beginning an inclusive conversation.

I am grateful for all the love and support and comments of solidarity and gratitude but this is so so much bigger than me and so much bigger than just this one article. This has the potential to open the door to more people who want to share their stories without shame and help remove the stigma surrounding mental health issues.

Being able to talk openly has literally saved my life. My hope that this open dialogue helps to save more.

Thank you for your time.