Free Write For Libya

by pronounced "ahhh" like a sigh

we forget the price paid for peace

we do not taste the blood

cloak ourselves in anguish

feel the crust of tears on dried cheeks

we sit warm/safe

our lives encased in the steel of distance

this bitter luxury of comfort

we hold our loved ones close

clutch them to our chests

cradle them in our arms

we urge you to march across the glass of deconstruction

catch bullets with your teeth

we send soft prayers across the globe

signal Allah, Jehovah, God

flag Muhammad, Buddha, Jesus

anyone that answers to saviour

tell them, “ Bless these crimson rivers/ the babies/this revolution is for them/

keep their breath from finding night/fill your lungs with hymn… we hum in solidarity…”

more than just muted air

it is a scream forgotten

a vibration sent across the universe

remember Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen

their work just beginning

remember the sweet to come

we who often forget the price of peace

pay penance to those who know real sacrifice

stand behind you, besides you, before you

humbled by the courage

we will welcome the day with you

dance in celebration but this victory will be yours

one earned one bullet, one lifeless body, one good bye kiss

the price paid for peace