Random Thoughts By Bassey: Where the hell you been?

by pronounced "ahhh" like a sigh

  • I hate the word “yummy”. I don’t know why. “Yummy” has never done anything to me but I seriously cringe any time I hear an adult say it. I also dislike the following: Tummy, hubby, preggers, preggo, baby bump, delish, swag, haters, hating, hateration, haiti. Just kidding about the last one. It was a joke so stop typing all fast.
  • I just did a talk at Ottawa University. Shout out to Vonda for bringing me out. I spoke about mental illness and read an excerpt from my book. You can find some of the footage at the following:
  • I was really nervous so I was talking in circles and then racing through my reading so I apologize for the not goodness of it. I just wanted to share a little bit of it.
  • This week’s Bringing Up Boogie is up. You can find it at http://www.mybrownbaby.com
  • I just became an editor at a new website called African Immigrant journal. It’s a website dedicated to the needs and interests of first and second generation. I’m writing articles and blogging for them as well as finding writers to pitch stories for the website. If you’re interested in writing for the magazine and you’re an African immigrant living in America, please email me with your name, bio and a sample of your writing and a story pitch at basseyworld@gmail.com.
  • You can check out the Journal here: http://www.theAIJournal.com
  • I finished my book proposal. At least the first draft and I sent it to my book agent. I’m just waiting to hear about edits or additions or whatever. I’m ready to start writing full time.
  • I’m done with performing. The money has to be really awesome for me to agree to do a performance. I’m tired of the traveling. The flight delays. The hours in the airport. I’m over it all. I don’t love performing as much as I used to. I actually prefer just writing and editing. I’m thinking of starting a writing coach/doctor consulting business to help folks fix and find their voice. Not sure yet. I’m way too busy. If you want me to perform at your school we can discuss it but who knows. I’m much more interested in doing talks about mental health awareness.
  • Speaking of, May is Mental Health Awareness and I’ll be blogging a few times a week about my life living with a mental illness and how I’ve learned to come to peace with it as opposed to treating it like a weakness or something disabling. Though it can be debilitating at times, with proper treatment and support, it can be managed. At least in my experience. I’m not a doctor, I just know what I’ve been through and I want to share that story as openly and honestly as possible.
  • I do a podcast every Monday-Thursday called Blacking it Up.  You can find it at http://www.blackingitup.com. We’re live at 1:30 but you can also listen to the archives and subscribe to us on iTunes. Fun smart show.
  • What else? I feel like I’m missing something but that’s all I got so far.
  • I’m taking a social media break so I’m not going to be tweeting or changing my facebook status as much. I will post articles that me and/or my friends have written but aside from that, radio silence so I can catch up on some work and destress after last week.
Everything else is going well. Boogie is amazing and hilarious. Life is good and getting better. I’m happy. I’m excited about this next stage of life. I’m healthy. I could stand to get back in shape but that’ll come. I’ve purchased every wii fitness game known to man and downloaded fitness stuff onto my ipad. I’m so ready for summer and all the skin baring outings that come with it.
OH! One last thing, Basseyworld Live 2011 is coming this June!!!!! I decided to do it again but this time a bit differently. It’s going to be awesome! And fun and you get to wear your fancy grown up clothes too. ooooooh… got your attention did I. I know you want in. Details soon come.
love someone and mean it,