Who Dat?

My name is Bassey pronounced “ahhh” like a sigh.  Nigerian born, Oklahoma bred, PG County fed, Brooklyn led writer/poet/neurotic. I’m half awesome, a quarter crazy and 1/3rd genius… the left over bit is a caramel creme center. I’m also really bad at math. I’m a stubborn pushover. I’ve been on TV. I’ve been in magazines. I’ve been on the couch watching VH1 reality shows. Sometimes I travel the country spreading my message of hope and plots to take over the world… I mean cupcakes. I’m contemplating a career change. How to combine my writing and performance with my love of reality shows about drag queens, I’m not sure. If you have any ideas…

Oh right… I’m also writing a book about living with bipolar II disorder and depression. The title kicks so much ass, I should just publish that and then drop the mic and moonwalk the fuck off stage.

RIP Michael Jackson.